CineMarfa 2019

The 2019 festival unfold over Cinco de Mayo weekend, May 2 - 5 with a program focused on experience. A sound healing circle kicked off the weekend at The Well to engage participants in the transformative power of self-healing intention with the heartbeat of the drum, crystal bowl vibrations, resonant cello, and guided sonic release. Then, DASHI: ESSENCE OF JAPAN offered a microscopic journey into the genesis of the pure and restrained art of Japan's cuisine, documenting the ancient artisanal methods of harvesting and preparing the seaweed, bonito fish, and shitaki mushrooms that are the ingredients for Dashi.

The 2019 edition of the festival screened Peter Bo Rappmund and Adam R. Levine's new film COMMUNION LOS ANGELES, an experiential exploration of California's oldest freeway as it courses from the mountains to the ocean, defining and dividing the communities it is designed to serve. Lynne Sachs appeared in person to share her film about a famous act of nonviolent civil disobedience INVESTIGATION OF A FLAME, as well as her newest film CAROLEE, BARBARA AND GUNVOR, a portrait of three legendary experimental feminist filmmakers. Light Industry's Thomas Beard presented groundbreaking exploitation filmmaker Doris Wishman's BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL and THE COLOR OF LOVE.

A screening of THE LEOPARD has been presented as a special program honoring Marfa resident Carolyn Pfeiffer, who talked about her illustrious career in the film business, from working in Rome with Fellini and Visconti, to founding Island Alive and Alive Films and producing dozens of films across several decades.

Other highlights of the festival include: Italian visual artist Yuri Ancarani's exquisite documentary about Saudi royalty and their passion for falconry and fast cars, THE CHALLENGE, BORDER FENCE by renowned experiential filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter, films created in CineMarfa's recent Super 8mm workshop, and David Fenster and poet Eileen Myles' super 8mm short THE TRIP which takes a road trip through the majestic, rough-hewn landscape between Marfa and Alpine with poet Myles as your guide.