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9 Short Films by Ana Mendieta and Ana Mendieta, Nature Inside


Ana Mendieta (1948-1985) is a pioneer among artists dealing with identity politics and feminism. Her unique hybrid of form and documentation, works that she titled “siluetas,” are fugitive and potent traces of the artist’s inscription of her body in the landscape, transformed by fire, water, and natural materials.

The program includes Chicken Movie, Chicken Piece (1972), Sweating Blood (1973), Body Tracks (1974), Untitled (Mirage) (1974), Grass Breathing, c. (1974), Silueta Sangrienta (1975), Energy Charge (1975), Untitled: Silueta Series (1976) and Birth (Gunpowder Works) (1981).

Shown with Ana Mendieta, Nature Inside (2015) by Raquel Cecilia : Ana Mendieta narrates as corresponding images of her work in both still and moving images highlight her themes and meanings behind her work.